Welcome to AVATerra
Unlocking the secrets of the most extraordinary and unexplained phenomena of nature! Like its fellow terrestrial planets, Terra has a central core, a rocky mantle, and a solid crust.

AVATERRA Finance is the next generation of decentralised finance (DeFi) and yield farm application on Avalanche blockchain. Built upon proven features and logic that have been battle tested on Avalanche, our initial strategy for securing yield is to use these proven features to generate solid yield and passive income for token holders.
A community-owned yield farm and blockchain platform. There are no passenger on spaceship TERRA, we are all crew.
$TERRA is currently running on Avalanche (AVATERRA) and Fantom chain (FANTERRA) and will expand subsequently to Polygon (POLYTERRA) before the second layer $LUAN in the same run.

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    $Terra has liquid water (Initial liquidity will be locked into a rugdoc code-based contract)
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    $Terra Boost for non-native LP pools, look here
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    $Terra has plate tectonics (layered farming), and an atmosphere that shelters it from the sun's rays (cross-chain strategy). But scientists agree that $Terra's most special feature might just be US (A loyal community) and a responsive Dev Team.
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    Life on $Terra may also owe a debt to our nearest celestial neighbour, the $LUAN, so make sure you hold onto your $TERRA as you can use it to farm the next layer after the emission of TERRA
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    $LUAN would come to stabilise our planet's rotation, preventing drastic movements of the poles that could cause massive changes in climate (price) that some scientists think could have doomed any chance for budding life to form or evolve.

From all indications, the current layered farming protocol is suffering a long term use, as most farms now struggles after the first two days, even KYC, Audit and significantly marketed projects now are not exempted from this chaos.
As a team, we have done several research, studying many strategies explored in the past few months and our conclusion birthed a brand new approach to this menace called PLATETECTONIC! Simply put; A private sale with a limited allocation slots to raise investor funds on our next chain by holding AVATERRA or FANTERRA LP. Click here to read more.

  • Fill the whitelist form here to show interest
  • Signify completion for verification and get your slot locked
  • Transfer native LP worth of $1000 to the treasury wallet upon announcement of sale (Only interact with pinned information, DEV TEAM will NEVER DM you first
  • Get receipt of confirmation and slot number
  • Airdrop will be done after initial liquidity is added on the new chain, and it will be dropped according to how early you complete the task, meaning the first to complete the task get their airdrop first and it will done every 3 minutes after the launch. This way, the airdrop for 30 tokens will be completed within the first 90 minutes after launch.

This exclusive offer is for investors that believed in our ecosystem and tokenomics, anyone who sells this token below $1000 will definitely buy it back at $2500, YES! we are that confident.
With this approach, liquidity is well maintained, community earn juicy ROI with the boost feature, the platform is sustainable and everyone is happy.
Hopefully we could raise over 20M TVL across chains in the first month before the unveiling of $LUAN and our SECRET BIG FEATURE!
There’s just so much more to tell, and to be able to continue the epic story of TERRA is incredibly thrilling.
Don't forget to join our on-going $1000 giveaway. Click here to join!
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