Deposit Fee, Treasury
information on how the deposit rates will be used

Deposit Fee 1-4%

  • BuyBack & Burn
  • KYC
  • Audit
  • Advertising
  • Dividends
  • Future layers
20% of the staking fee's collected from non-native pools will be used to fund dividend pools and buy-backs. The remaining will be used for advertising, influencer marketing, partnerships, infrastructure, and developers salaries.
Wallet: 0x9A83db99aC02927812859D893645b7bD0b5D901c


Treasury Wallet will mint 10% of supply, the use of these emissions will be to fund beneficial programs that generate a positive ROI for the community, such as
  • Burn ( A lot of Burns! )
  • BuyBack LP
  • Dividends
  • Partnerships
  • Airdrops
Wallet: 0x99Fb7c32020680AB5bea10061f4f1AD0e44d8690
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Deposit Fee 1-4%