Sustainable multi-chain Strategy
From all indications, the current layered farming protocol is suffering a long term use, as most farms now struggles after the first two days, even KYC, Audit and significantly marketed projects now are not exempted from this chaos.
As a team, we have done several research, studying many strategies explored in the past few months and our conclusion birthed a brand new approach to this menace.
Before we break down #Platetectonics , it is important to understand the essence of yield farming, which is a way of trying to maximise a rate of return on capital by leveraging different DeFi protocols. Yield farmers try to chase the highest yield by switching between multiple different strategies. If the strategy doesn't work anymore or if there is a better strategy available the yield farmers move their funds around.
Liquidity mining plays a big role in yield farming to such an extent that sometimes these two concepts are used interchangeably. Liquidity mining is a process of distributing extra tokens to the users of a protocol and if the mining process is not sustainable, we see a decline in price and sometime death of the project.
With a maximum supply of 11,000 tokens and low emission, $Terra farming is designed to last over a month, and in DEFI, that's is a long time if there is no use case or a reason to HOLD the tokens, and to make this ecosystem a profiting protocol to the community, we created #Platetectonics strategy. So rather than creating a new layer on the same chain in a week or two, we are giving the community a reason to HOLD their liquidity longer as an exclusive right to access a private sale of $Terra on a new chain weekly.

After the first week of farming $Terra on Avalanche, we will launch $Terra on Fantom or $Polygon (Community decides) with same tokenomics of 11,000 max supply.
  1. 1.
    We will pre-mint 80 tokens, 50 tokens will be paired with USDC.e and WAVAX as initial liquidity, this initial liquidity will be locked with our rugdoc-based lockout contract. The remaining 30 tokens will be offered as airdrop to qualified holders of the current chain LP (See it as NFT private sale)
  2. 2.
    30 token is an extreme limited amount, so it will be a case of first come first serve basis, the people who complete the whitelisting task earliest get selected for airdrop before the people who arrive later.
  3. 3.
    From all indices, tokens of this same limited amount spiked over $1000 at launch, due to the initial liquidity, and can run over $3000 before farming, we will be offering each of this 30 tokens at a cost of $1000
  4. 4.
    You can only purchase it with TERRA/USDC LP, TERRA/WAVAX, FTERRA-USDC, FTERRA/WFTM LP
  5. 5.
    All the TERRA from the collected pairs will be burnt for life, reducing the circulating supply and adding more scarcity for the token. That is an average $15,000 worth of $Terra to burn

The collected WAVAX, FTM and USDC will be use to front run $TERRA on the new chain and generate a positive ROI for the community.
  • $1000 to pair for initial liquidity and the remaining funds will go to the following
  • 30% of the remaining funds after liquidity - Will go to Pre-Staking Dividend (Stake your $TERRA to earn USDC before public farming)
  • 55% of the remaining funds for Paladin Audit or Marketing (Community decides)
  • 15% Dev team

  • Fill the whitelist form here to show interest
  • Signify completion for verification and get your slot locked
  • Transfer native LP worth of $1000 to the treasury wallet upon announcement of sale (Only interact with pinned information, DEV TEAM will NEVER DM you first
  • Get receipt of confirmation and slot number
  • Airdrop will be done after initial liquidity is added on the new chain, and it will be dropped according to how early you complete the task, meaning the first to complete the task get their airdrop first and it will done every 30 minutes after the launch. This way, the airdrop for 30 tokens will be completed within the first 15 hours after launch.

This exclusive offer is for investors that believed in our ecosystem and tokenomics, anyone who sells this token below $1000 will definitely buy it back at $2000, YES! we are that confident.
With this approach, liquidity is well maintained, community earn juicy ROI, the platform is sustainable and everyone is happy.
Hopefully we could raise over 20M TVL across chains in the first month before the unveiling of $LUAN and our SECRET BIG FEATURE!
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